Addiction Glossary

What is Rehab?

What is Rehab? Rehab is one of the best-proven methods to recover from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Recovering from addiction is a process and attending a re [...]

What is Dual Diagnosis?

In the past, many medical professionals believed that it was too hard to treat addicts who suffer from co-occurring conditions of mental illness, such as schizo [...]

What is Addiction?

With news reports of drug busts and drug abuse increasing, many people may wonder just what addiction is, and how does one tell if they are addicted to a drug o [...]

Addiction Group Therapy

Addiction can be a lonely experience. No matter how many friends you have and no matter how many people are “there for you,” addiction is ultimately between you [...]

Drug Addiction Counselor

Drug addiction counselors are especially trained professionals with certifications in both drug addiction and counseling. It is often necessary to complete addi [...]