Abuse drug rehab, drug abuse rehab, drug rehab or drug rehabilitation are all terms that refer to the treatment process that enables drug addicts and substance abusers to break free from their addictions and learn how to live a sober, drug and addiction free life.

Drug Abuse Rehab can be scary for addicts, but is often a necessary step in the process to becoming drug or addiction free. Just as there are many different types of addiction, and an almost uncountable number of substances and harmful habits that people can become addicted to; there are thousands of different drug abuse rehab facilities across the country as well as around the world. Each different drug abuse rehab program is a bit different but all have the goal of helping an addict break free from their addiction and providing counseling and coping skills and teaching the addict how to remain free from their addiction.

The first step in obtaining help in a drug abuse rehab is making a decision as to which type of drug abuse rehab would be a best fit for you or a friend or loved one. Some drug abuse rehabs occur within a facility and others are available on an outpatient basis. Some rehabs offer dual diagnosis, or gender specific programs. Still other drug rehabs tailor their treatment programs to best help teenagers or adults. Drug abuse rehab can also vary based on the length of the program. Either the entire program or just part of the program may be within a facility while others offer treatment plans that begin within a rehab facility but continue with after care programs out of the facility but within the community. Common drug abuse rehab programs are often 14 day, 30 day, 45 day 60 day, 90 days or more of inpatient care followed up by monitoring and counseling on an outpatient basis for after care. Treatment often begins with detoxing from the addicted drug or substance and then evaluations, tests, and assessments with a wide variety of addiction specialists and therapists that will help the addict to begin walking the road of recovery. Counseling sessions and activities that are related to health and fitness often follow, as well as classes that teach the addict important life skills that they will need to cope with the many temptations to relapse that they will face for the rest of their lives. Many drug abuse rehabs even offer some form of family counseling to help the addict reconnect with their family before they leave the treatment facility to help the addict and family members learn new ways of interacting so that family members do not tempt or enable behaviors that may lead to relapse.

The important thing to remember about drug abuse rehab is that there are many different options for addiction treatment and there is one that will best suit the needs and circumstances of almost any addict. Another important thing to remember is that drug abuse rehab is not a quick fix for any addict’s addictions, but is simply the beginning of a lifelong process of learning how to break free from addiction and then to continue to live addiction free.

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