There are many different treatment programs for people that are seeking for a way to break free from their addiction and learn to live a sober and addiction free life. One of the newer treatment methods involves 90-day treatment for their addiction. 90-day treatment is a great plan for any addict, but especially for any addict who has other issues that may be contributing to the original addiction for which they are seeking treatment. Some of the other factors that may contribute to their addiction are being addicted to one or more substances or harmful habits. Many addicts may be addicted to alcohol or drugs like heroin or cocaine, but also have another addiction, and having two or more addictions only serves to reinforce the addicts’ addiction seeking behavior. Examples of other addictions include being an alcoholic while also being a gambler, or being addicted to heroin while also being a compulsive over-eater or being addicted to a second substance such as opiates or barbiturates.  By enrolling in a longer treatment program such as 90-day treatment, addicts may find that they are more successful at beating all of their addictions and not just the one for which they are seeking treatment. Many addicts also have co-occurring mental health issues, so having a 9- day treatment plan gives them more time to receive treatment that is necessary to be diagnosed and treated for the underlying mental illness that may be contributing to their need for the addictive substance or harmful habit.

90-Day Treatment is like many other treatment programs of longer or shorter length. Like other treatment programs, 90-day treatment may take place inside or outside an official addiction treatment facility. 90-day treatment often involves the same steps that are featured in other treatment programs of longer or shorter length. The first step of any successful treatment program involves the addict admitting that there is a problem and that they need help. The second step involves physically detoxifying from the addiction and receiving the physical support that is necessary for the addict to become “clean” of the substance in a safe environment since the detox phase of many addictions can be both physically and mentally painful as well as dangerous to the addict’s health if they do not receive the medical care necessary to detox safely. The next step involves evaluation by other addiction treatment professionals that will evaluate the addict and begin the treatment plan as well as providing the addict with additional assistance and treatment for any other issues that may be contributing to their addiction, such as other add-on addictions to other substances or behaviors or even an underlying mental illness or other health or life issue that contributes to the addiction seeking behavior of the addict. The addict will receive counseling and other therapies to become educated about addiction and will then learn life skills and coping strategies to help them resist temptations and relapse triggers. Finally, the addict will practice their new life skills and coping mechanisms in a supportive environment. Since 90 day treatment gives each addict more time for these important steps to breaking free from an addiction, it is often more successful than shorter treatment plans for addiction.

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